In order to learn more about Crossroads, our products, and our services, we encourage you to check out these FAQs. Please also feel free to contact us with any questions!

1. What are the features of the cameras?

Our main camera system consists of 4 bullet cameras, each with a 135º viewing angle, giving you 360º+ viewing, with overlap.

The camera also comes standard with Infrared Night Vision.

2. How do the Worksite Hawk night-time/off-hour security features work?

Using video analytics, we are able to recognize and detect vehicles and persons but avoid false alerts such as animals and wind blown debris.

You have control of the program settings, which determines what detections cause a security alert. The cameras can be programmed to meet your needs such as rules which allow access and alerts to go to certain users, as well as setting up time-of-day functions for when the system will detect movement at the jobsite and sends alerts when events occur.

When the system detects a threat, it stores the video as well as sends the event footage to you within 30 seconds of the start of the event. Within one minute, you can go from an alert to viewing the event from your mobile device.

3. How do I use the Worksite Hawk during the day-time?

The Worksite Hawk is not just for nighttime security, it is also a great tool during the daytime, when the jobsite is active.

You can login to the cameras to see what progress is being made, what equipment or materials have arrived and also do problem solving. While workers are talking with you on the phone, explaining a problem, you can view the subject matter and help find a solution.

4. Do you have to watch all of the footage to find an event?

No! Our security system automatically saves event footage by date and time that can easily be downloaded, saved, and shared. An attachment to watch the live footage also comes to you within 30 seconds of the event trigger.

5. What software is required to interact with the Worksite Hawk?

The software is specific to our camera system and works with Windows PCs and any iOS or Android mobile device.

6. How is the video streamed?

The camera uses cellular data to stream the video.

7. What are the system requirements to view to streamed video?

To view the camera via your computer, you will need:

– Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7
– High-speed internet connection

8. How much bandwidth is required to view the streamed video?

This largely depends on the window size and the number of people trying to access the video. 

9. Are installation and training support included?

Yes. Each of our products come with free set-up, free training, and free technical support. The training comes in many forms such as our Quick Setup Guide, Videos and Reps. We currently have 30 Reps covering 40 states.

New versions of the software are also free as each generation is released.

We stand by our products, and we want to ensure that you can use them to the full extent of their capabilities in order to address your needs.

10. What is the solar panel size?

The Worksite Hawk comes with a minimum 275-Watt solar panel. The Worksite Eye does not come with solar but is rather powered by your vehicle.

11. What happens to the solar power on cloudy days?

On cloudy days, the Worksite Hawk is able to operate with the power stored in the AGM No-maintenance batteries. In fact, our units are able to store approximately 9 days of power so that they can continue running when constant sunshine isn’t available.

12. How do I know if the solar is charging the batteries

There’s a digital readout on the solar charge controller, so you can be assured that the equipment is charging as intended.

13. How often do I need to check the water in the batteries?

Never! Our batteries are AGM No-maintenance batteries, they are the top-of-the line in batteries! They are sealed up and never need to be checked other than for battery voltage.

14. What preparation is needed before deploying?

Worksite Hawk – Use the 110-volt on-board battery charger for 8 hours to ensure that the batteries are at full charge.

15. How long does it take to set-up the equipment?

It takes only 10 minutes to set-up the Worksite Hawk, and even less for the Worksite Eye! Here are videos of our deployment tutorial so you can see how easy it is!

16. How do the jacks and outriggers work?

The outriggers slide out approximately 4 ft. and secure with hitch pins. Jacks are lockable and have drop legs for quick set-up, eliminating the need to use blocking on uneven ground.

17. How high does the mast extend?

The mast extends approximately 19 feet into the air, giving you an eye in the sky to view your entire work area.

18. What is the footprint and weight of the Worksite Hawk?

The trailer dimensions while towing are just over 5ft. wide and just under 9ft. long. The tongue also collapses for shipping and storage, reducing the length by over 3ft. The approximate weight is 1000 lbs.

19. How do you secure the Worksite Hawk when it’s deployed

The following locations on the Worksite Hawk are padlockable:

  • The battery and electronics enclosure handles (2 places)
  • The jack handles (3 places)
  • The cable winch
  • The tongue coupler

In addition to the padlocks, the Worksite Hawk comes standard with GPS so that it can alert you if the Geo-fence is broken and the unit can be located if removed by unauthorized personnel.

20. Can you tow multiple units to the jobsite?

Yes, each Worksite Hawk comes standard with a receiver hitch and pigtail wiring to allow towing of multiple units. This makes it ideal to move multiple units at once, or to tow something else along with a Worksite Hawk. Tandem and even triple towing is not a problem. Please check your state’s towing laws before towing more than a single unit.

21. What are the color options?

Our standard color for the Worksite Hawk is safety orange and our standard color for the Worksite Eye is black. Custom colors are also available at an additional cost.
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