Crossroads Manufacturing is proud to announce the Worksite Eye, the newest innovation in on-the-job management!

Like Crossroads’ Worksite Hawk, the Worksite Eye features a 360° PTZ camera that grants the user a crystal-clear view of the jobsite. The Worksite Eye is not just a camera, but actually an extension of your trailer hitch, which allows you to still tow whatever implements needed. This makes it perfect for operations whose crews frequently travel to different locations. No matter where you are, the camera streams to your computer or mobile device, allowing you to monitor employee productivity, troubleshoot issues, and more.

Designed with the customer’s productivity in mind, the Worksite Eye is certain to meet the surveillance needs of managers and owners in industries ranging from construction to road repair. Contact us to learn more about what the Worksite Eye can do for you!

Worksite Eye Features:

  • 360° PTZ camera
  • High-resolution video feed
  • View live feed of jobsite through your desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet
  • Conveniently powered through your vehicle’s cigarette lighter
  • Extends your trailer hitch, allowing for towing and use of the camera
  • Compact size and telescopic mast allows for maximum portability

To learn more about the Worksite Eye, call us at 319-415-1226, or email us at