The Worksite Hawk has been making waves in the construction business, and with good reason. It’s an innovative product that takes operations to the next level, bringing massive improvements to both security and management efficiency. And it’s available today for rental or purchase!

If you’ve never tried the Worksite Hawk or seen it in action, now’s the time. The Hawk’s state-of-the-art PTZ camera and sophisticated video analytics allow you to keep an eye on the job whether you’re onsite, in the office, or at home. Real-time security notifications go directly to your mobile device, ensuring your continued attention and peace of mind.

But don’t take our word for it. The Worksite Hawk is available for rental or purchase from numerous distributors across the country. We also offer a live demonstration of the Worksite Hawk via Skype or FaceTime, so no matter where your operation is based, you can discover for yourself what this amazing tool can do for you.

Worksite Hawk’s Features:

• PTZ camera offers expansive video of site
• Solar-powered battery bank eliminates need for plug-in power or maintenance
• 200 days’ worth of video storage for easy review
• Wiring protected within steel mast
• Exterior is highly resistant to damage, ensuring continuous operation
• Secures jobsite from theft and vandalism
• GPS tracking system keeps you informed of the Worksite Hawk’s location
• Available for rent or purchase from manufacturer or distributors

To inquire about renting the Worksite Hawk, or to schedule a live Skype or FaceTime demonstration, call us at 319-415-1226, or email us at