A great way to get a better understanding of our products is to view the videos we’ve produced. Here we try to showcase our products so that you can get a better idea of how they can work for you.

Water Tower Demo

Watch the deconstruction of the water tower in 1 minute.

Bridge Installation

See bridge installed over interstate. Video made to promote construction company.

Distribution Facility Construction

Large refrigeration distribution warehouse construction.

Power Plant Generator Overhaul

Public access of turbine overhaul at utility company.

Emergency Interstate Reconstruction

View rebuilding of four lanes of washed out interstate highway.

Under Highway Walkway Tunnel

Road removed to install concrete walkway.

Under Highway Tunnel Walkway

Second camera angle for concrete walkway project.

Excavation and Drainage Project

Preparing job site with drainage.

Worksite Hawk Deployment

Here is a quick tutorial showcasing how easy it is to deploy the Worksite Hawk! The Worksite Hawk is the ideal solution for both day-time monitoring and night-time security.

Worksite Eye Development

This is a quick tutorial on setting up the Worksite Eye. The Worksite Eye is the receiver-hitch mounted solution for day time monitoring.

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