Daytime Monitoring


Night Security


The Worksite Hawk is the all-in-one video system for NIGHT SECURITY and DAYTIME MONITORING.

The Worksite Hawk allows you to remotely monitor your jobsite from anywhere in the world, directly from your tablet, phone, or computer.

With its built-in theft alert system, when suspicious activity is detected, you will receive alerts within 30 seconds of an event. 


Video Analytics

The Worksite Hawk employs the latest method of video monitoring, known as video analytics.

What sets this system apart is its ability to read and interpret what the camera is viewing by analyzing the pixels in the frame.

This system is so advanced that it can recognize and detect vehicles and persons (but avoid false alerts on animals) – allowing you full control over your security set-up.

Remote Access

The Worksite Hawk is operated remotely by our advanced software system.

This allows you full control with a 360 degree view of your jobsite, from anywhere in the world.

Beyond that, the software features the ability to create incredibly customized alert settings, meaning you determine which events do and don’t send you alerts.

Solar Powered

The Worksite Hawk is completely solar powered, giving users both easier deployment and more options to deploy in remote locations.

The solar powered system creates enough energy that the Worksite Hawk can store up to 9 days of autonomous power.

For indoor use and locations with obstructed sunlight, the Worksite Hawk can also be connected to a standard 110-volt extension cord through a trap door, making it an incredibly versatile security system from job to job.


The most important aspect of the Worksite Hawk’s functions is its ability to alert you if it detects a threat to your property. If your Worksite Hawk detects a threat, here’s how it will defend you:

The Worksite Hawk will alert you within 30 seconds of an event, allowing you to immediately view the event from your mobile device.

The Worksite Hawk isolates relevant footage, making it easy to view and share footage, either internally or with law enforcement, after an incident.


In addition to the off-hours security features, the Worksite Hawk also enables you to view the worksite live during working hours.

This allows you to monitor and assist your worksite, remotely, from anywhere. Likewise, you can playback recorded footagefrom daytime hours, as well as nighttime.

This allows you the ultimate ability in keeping vendors and workers accountable with real footage of everything that happens at your worksite.


The Worksite Hawk is also built in the USA with premium parts, giving you a reliable and secure experience that you know will stand the test of time.

Additionally, Crossroads Manufacturing stands by our products, and will assist you with set-up and adapting your security strategy throughout your relationship with our company.


The Worksite Hawk have capabilities that will revolutionize your operation, and we’re happy to show you how!

Contact us for a login to one of our live cameras and test out its features at your own convenience! It’s the perfect way to see what this amazing product do for you!


The best way to learn more about the Worksite Hawk is by calling us at 319-415-1226 or emailing us at for a no pressure discussion and price quote for rental or purchase.

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