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1. Time Lapse Project Video
2. Daytime Monitoring
3. Nighttime Security


The Worksite Hawk is our all-in-one, mobile solar powered camera system. Whether your main concern is security or checking on progress at the job-site, the Worksite Hawk is the answer.

The Worksite Hawk allows you to access the camera live, anytime, as well as play back recorded footage. This truly is the next step in taking control of your worksite.

Time Lapse Video

Record your project for a start to finish marketing video. Our unique system allows playback during the project too.

Daytime Monitoring

Check on progress, order delivery, workers’ safety and issues all from your computer or mobile device.

Night Security

Motion-activated strobe light deters theft, prevention is the best scenario. Alerts within 30 seconds of an event so you can view the footage immediately from your mobile device.


Call us to learn how to monitor your worksite, secure your equipment and use time lapse video.

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About Us

Crossroads Manufacturing has the mission of using the latest technological advances to help businesses record time lapse project videos, monitor their worksites, and eliminate loss due to theft and vandalism.

With over 20 years’ experience in mobile solar equipment, we offer you the Worksite Hawk and Worksite Eye.

Our products feature remote camera access, allowing you live viewing of the monitored area anytime from anywhere and video analytics to give you the best opportunity to secure your jobsite and adapt to your changing needs.

We offer an easy-to-use, intuitive, software program that can be viewed on your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

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Crossroads Manufacturing
308 & 309 S. Ely St.
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